Thursday, January 12, 2017

BREAKINGNEWSAlat Weight rid Avalanches land in Jalan Agency

GARUTTRIBUNLongsor which again occurred in the southbound lanes of Garut regency have been overcome and pass a vehicle to continue operating normally Friday (19/12). Heavy equipment vehicles and residents got rid longsora
0611 Garut District Military Command Commander Lt. Col. Hadi Wrap Suseno through Pakenjeng Koramil commander and captain Pamulihan CAJ Suhana said the landslide occurred on Thursday (18 /
Initially formed a mound of earth landslides along 10 meters high and 2 meters in Jalan Pakenjeng-Hazy Bungbulang precisely in Kampung Desa Mekarjaya Pakenjeng District of the commander said Friday (19/12). jual green coffee di apotik
Muspika Pakenjeng Binamarga coordinate with the Department sought to use heavy equipment to clear the landslide site. Evacuation was hampered by rainy weather
While local residents attempting to use manual tools so that the road could only be passed by two-wheeled vehicles, while for four-wheeled vehicles can not be passed on the eve of the day.
In the morning then the main road connecting Bungbulang with Garutkota has been able to pass a vehicle normally. Residents were advised to remain alert during the rainy season this disaster. (Sam)

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