Thursday, July 13, 2017

Tantangan ASI Eksklusif di Indonesia, Masihlah Ada Lho Bayi Di beri Minum Kopi

Kopi Hijau Jakarta, Pemberian ASI (air susu ibu) eksklusif di Indonesia masihlah belum memuaskan. Temuan paling baru tunjukkan, masihlah ada bayi dibawah umur 6 bln. yang di beri minum kopi. Dari beragam type konsumsi yang didapatkan pada bayi dibawah umur 6 bln., susu formula terdaftar paling banyak yaitu 60, 4 %.

Berturut-turut di bawahnya yaitu air putih serta madu, semasing sejumlah 29, 5 % serta 18 %. Konsumsi terkecuali ASI yang didapatkan pada bayi dibawah umur 6 bln. yaitu teh, air tajin, madu, serta makanan lumat. Menariknya, sejumlah 1, 4 % bayi memperoleh konsumsi kopi dari orang tuanya. Memanglah sedikit, umumnya hanya seujung sendok kopi hijau.

Umumnya diberikan lantaran bayinya demam, agar tak step (kejang), kata Iin Mursalin dari MCA-Indonesia, dalam talk show di @america, Pacific Place Mall, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta Selatan, Rabu (3/8/2016). Baca juga : Bayi Butuh 'Ngopi' Supaya Tak Kejang Demam? Ini Kata DokterSeorang dokter yang juga aktivis menyusui, dr Falla Adinda Pringgayuda, mengaku pernah merasakan masalah sama. Menurut dia, masihlah ada kepercayaan di kelompok beberapa orang-orang kalau anak demam butuh di beri kopi.

Menurut dr Falla, dalam keadaan apa pun bayi dibawah umur 6 bln. cuma memerlukan ASI. ASI memiliki kandungan 87, 5 % air. Bayi yang memperoleh cukup ASI kopi hijau tak perlu lagi memperoleh penambahan air walau ada ditempat yang memiliki suhu panas, kata dr Falla. Baca juga : Bayi 10 Minggu Wafat, Disangka lantaran Di beri ASI Campur Air (up/vit)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Smoking was Beautiful and Free?

Smoking was Beautiful and Free?
                        NEW YORK - For those of you women should be vigilant with seduction and persuasion cigarette advertising. The World Health Organization (WHO) indicated that the tobacco industry is now more aggressively advertise to ensnare women and girls become addicted tembakau.Direktur WHO Tobacco Free Initiative, Douglas Bettcher, said cigarette manufacturers in the world willing to spend enormous to make advertisements appealing to seduce women into smoking. One of the strategies that will be applied is linking tobacco use with imaging fashion and beauty as well as issues kebebasan.Tak No one should be fooled. This is what will we campaign this year by saying that tobacco is not fashionable. Tobacco is not empowering. This is something bad, deadly and addictive, Bettcher said, Monday (05/31/2010) .Tema this year's campaign is an effort backlash against the use of women's magazines, the fashion industry, and other things that throw a woman into a trap tobacco deadly, tegasnya.Bettcher gives examples of how the tobacco industry currently uses a variety of tricks to trap the women to want to smoke tobacco. In Japan, for example, there are packs of cigarettes made very special with the color pink. While in Egypt, a cigarette factory to make packaging boxes similar to parfum.WHO estimates, tobacco use will lead to approximately 8 million people worldwide died young in 2030, including 2.5 million women, if the global epidemic of tobacco not addressed.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

BREAKINGNEWSAlat Weight rid Avalanches land in Jalan Agency

GARUTTRIBUNLongsor which again occurred in the southbound lanes of Garut regency have been overcome and pass a vehicle to continue operating normally Friday (19/12). Heavy equipment vehicles and residents got rid longsora
0611 Garut District Military Command Commander Lt. Col. Hadi Wrap Suseno through Pakenjeng Koramil commander and captain Pamulihan CAJ Suhana said the landslide occurred on Thursday (18 /
Initially formed a mound of earth landslides along 10 meters high and 2 meters in Jalan Pakenjeng-Hazy Bungbulang precisely in Kampung Desa Mekarjaya Pakenjeng District of the commander said Friday (19/12). jual green coffee di apotik
Muspika Pakenjeng Binamarga coordinate with the Department sought to use heavy equipment to clear the landslide site. Evacuation was hampered by rainy weather
While local residents attempting to use manual tools so that the road could only be passed by two-wheeled vehicles, while for four-wheeled vehicles can not be passed on the eve of the day.
In the morning then the main road connecting Bungbulang with Garutkota has been able to pass a vehicle normally. Residents were advised to remain alert during the rainy season this disaster. (Sam)

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Extract of Green coffee beans are able to Obliterate fat on the body?

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Extract of Green coffee beans are able to Obliterate fat on the body?

Jakarta Cactus extract, bitter orange, and raspberry ketones compound in red raspberry fruit was once touted as a natural herb to get rid of fat on the body. And now, the extract of green coffee beans are often believed to be potent weight loss.

In the program The Dr. OZ Show, a doctor said that extracts of green coffee beans has removed two pounds or approximately 0.9 kilograms, within two weeks, as the cited page Shape, Tuesday (17/9/1999).



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But before you try it, it is important to know the ins and outs of extracts of green coffee beans.

-The origin of extracts of green coffee beans

Although labeled green coffee beans, but green color on the coffee beans not derived from natural color. But this is not the green coffee beans through the screening process. Coffee beans only pan and then soaked with the extract of green coffee beans.

The process of the formation of these extracts make more antioxidant levels increased from coffee beans roasted peanuts. While natural substances called chlorogenic acid thus declined and this substance is suspected to block fat which is able to increase the weight.

-Whether the extract of green coffee beans work effectively?

A study on the 2012 found that subjects who consumed 1,050 milligrams and 700 milligrams of extract of green coffee beans, lost 16 pounds or about seven pounds within six weeks.

However, this study was criticized because the extract of green coffee beans have bad side effects and need to be avoided.

-Ago, safe or not?

There has been no research that says that the green coffee bean extract is a natural herb that is safe to trim weight.

Because a dose of caffeine can cause headaches, anxiety, insomnia, anxiety, disorders of the ears, until the heart beats irregularly. Even in some people at risk against a more serious health problem.

However if you are interested in using this material for weight loss, we recommend that you consult your doctor first.