Saturday, September 9, 2017

In Makassar, 86 per cent of clinics Services done at home

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In Makassar, 86 per cent of clinics Services done at home


Makassar, in the year 2017 the Ministry of health has a flagship program of community healthy living Movement (GERMAS) the focus will be to build the welfare health starts from the family. Clinics are getting pushed so downright more active visit residents in their homes voiced promotif and preventive measures. With regard to this City of Makassar arguably have good reports. The head of the City Health Office, dr Naisyah Azikin, Makassar MKes, say public health regions began to change in the look of the services provided. The first case of pain care most now is already done at home each patient is no longer dipuskesmas. It is because each of the clinics had a team dedicated to the home care program and continue to be evaluated since 2015. In 2016 according to dr Naisyah's no 4,546 calls for home care of 46 health centers. From there the hospitalized there are 3,955 cases known and referenced there are 591 cases. About 86 percent of cases we dirawatnya at home. Indeed the early enforcement of the program is heavy yes because many are calling just idly testing alone, said Dr. Naisyah when found in Clinics Kassi Kassi, Makassar, South Sulawesi, Thursday (19/1/2017). Read also: the hard work of clinics Kopo ' Scramble ' patients with Quack BeranakKepala Kassi Mariathy dr Kassi Clinics Jassin, MKes, says it also has begun to grow awareness of the health of the community itself. Visits to the clinics have a lot done by residents who are still healthy than sick. Recorded in Clinics Kassi Kassi course per year could be there approximately 111 thousand visits patients healthy. Sick patient visits compared with the number only 35 thousand visits. They came just want to test the health of just say for example ' yesterday I ate shrimp dock check tensi me ' or ' I love to just chat the same doctor ', dr Mariathy. Why they (citizen-red) thanks to active cooperation with others, also can not our own. We rangkul community leaders, religious figures, so in mosques every activity there will be public health diumumin, pungkas Dr. Mariathy. Read also: Clinics-clinics in Jakarta: got a Cool Poly and TB Drug Immune (fds/vit) kopi hijau pelangsing


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