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5 Menu Suhoor which make a Lasting Satiety

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5 Menu Suhoor which make a Lasting Satiety


Jakarta, eat a lot of the time of Suhoor can indeed make a person feel full. But in the month of fasting, will be useless if a sense of fullness does not last long. Some foods are indeed known to make someone full faster. Instant noodles, for example, because it contains a high glycemic index and gravy, a sense of satiety, but easy come easy goes away. else encapsulate some of the food is best eaten when matching Suhoor. In addition to the glut, the foods also has good nutritional value. What's it? Read also: High Protein Intake like this can make More Lama1 Satiety. MerahNasi red rice has a glycemic index lower than congee, noodles, or pasta. By consuming rice while Suhoor, a sense of satiety can last up to the time of breaking the fast. Because by consuming foods that contain fiber and a low glycemic index nutrients absorption processes can happen slowly so that a sense of satiety can last longer. In addition, it is recommended also to approach sohour imsak time. 2. KacanganKacang-nut nuts like soybeans, peanuts, green beans, peas and string beans is the right menu is best eaten when Suhoor. Nuts are rich in fiber, so it can help launch the digestive system. The consumption of beans when making the stomach feel full Suhoor longer. Protein in legumes are also important to repair and build body tissue. Read also: Easy To Hungry? Try This Intake can Make Full Longer




3. KurmaDisarankan also to consume two to three rounds of dates the time of Suhoor because it contains three types of sugar, i.e. sucrose, glucose, and fructose. Three types of sugar is useful to increase sugar levels and keep it stable. 4. Apples and pirBuah such as apples, pears and watermelon suitable consumed the time of last meal because it has fiber and water levels are quite high. In addition, fruit such as apples and pears have vitamins, calcium and minerals needed by the body. Read also: this is why the stomach Hungry even though it has Quick Satiety When Eating Sahur5. KompleksKarbohidrat complex carbohydrates can digest the body longer so help keep stomach feels fullness during fasting. Sources of carbohydrates that belongs to the complex include oatmeal, whole wheat, brown rice, corn, quinoa, yams, potatoes and grain. (mrs/up) khasiat kopi hijau


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