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Meaning Hierarchy Police in Case of Coffee Cyanide Mirna

Meaning Hierarchy Police in Case of Coffee Cyanide Mirna
Arbijoto, former Supreme Court Justice from 1998 until 2006 as an expert witness in a pretrial hearing day three suspects in the death Wayan Mirna Salihin, Jessica Kumala Wongso, explain what is meant by the hierarchy of the police who in recent days have debated the attorney Jessica and legal counsel Police Metro Tanah Abang dala
Police just one, the police chief. The other is subordinate. So, what is done by his subordinates, it is the responsibility of superiors again. That is, subordinates lower salary, because the responsibilities only slightly. The higher her salary, the higher responsibilities, more, said Arbijoto at the Central Jakarta District Court (PN Ja
Arbi pointed out that the Like the little boy who do mischief. If brats, then the parents are responsible. The law is the brain. If a small child being naughty, the parents are responsible. It is specified in Article 3 of the Criminal Code, he said.
When asked further whether pretrial petition filed parties Jessica misdirected or not, Arbi are so expert in the third day of pretrial hearings Jessica said, that it could be said to be wrong because the hierarchy that he just mentioned.
But right up to police to do so (Jessica establish the status of a suspect), because there is a report from the police station. Then said to the vertical, said Arbi.
As is known, Wayan Mirna Salihin died after drinking coffee mixed with cyanide in Olivier Restaurants, Mall Grand Indonesia, Thamrin, Central Jakarta on Wednesday, February 6, 2016. In the course of the investigation and the investigation of the case, the Jakarta Police investigators led by Pol Krishna Murti sets the Jessica as suspect.
Unfortunately, the police allegedly did not have a strong evidence in the determination of suspects, until Jessica through his attorney filed a pretrial on suspicion it.
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