Thursday, October 20, 2016

Weight Up Very Striking Time Pregnant? Caution Affected Preeclampsia

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Weight Up Very Striking Time Pregnant? Caution Affected Preeclampsia


Jakarta, Time consulting a gynecologist, generally the mother would be told to weigh the Agency first. Although impressed 'normal', this kind of thing actually help doctors noted the change is not common in the mother's body, one of them at risk of hypertension. As conveyed by a specialist heart and blood vessels of the Harapan Kita Hospital, Dr. Arieska Ann Soenarta, SpJP (K), FIHA, if the increase in weight that is too excessive Agency is indeed generally so attentive gynecologist. Because if it lasts the change is very striking, the risk of natural maternal gestational hypertension or preeclampsia can be increased. During pregnancy the regular main weigh Agency, keeping the general partner obstetricians look Agency maternal weight gain. When the weight of striking its mother agency, it may be because high blood insistence aspect, said Dr. Ann in a media briefing 10th Scientific Meeting of Indonesian Society of Hypertension at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, Friday (12/02/2016). Read also: Here The plot Hypertension Causes damage and Cause Heart same KematianPendapat conveyed by Dr. Stump D. Situmorang, SpPD-KGH. According to him, even though hypertension in pregnancy can not be mistaken for playfulness. Preeclampsia usually insistence blood rose, rose Agency excessive weight, then there is leakage of protein in the urine. It must be special care as well as obstetricians generally will oversee this sort of thing. Prescription drugs are also well taken according to the same provisions of doctors, physicians who practice in the message Siloam Semanggi this. If untreated, preeclampsia can lead to serious complications for the mother or the baby. This situation can even cause fatal and result in death, (adding together the blood), and a series of labor problems. Then what is the addition of normal weight pregnant women? Depending on the Body Mass Index (BMI) or Body Mass Index. In a normal person with a BMI of 18, 5-24, 9 increase is 11, 5 to 16 kg throughout pregnancy, said Dr. Hari Nugroho, SpOG, of the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Dr. Soetomo at detikHealth so long ago. Read also: Little ldap Asthma and Allergy, attention to Heart Disease Risk (ajg / up)


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