Saturday, October 29, 2016

Transformation Mother Board 2 Children After Successfully Lose Body Weight 56 ​​Kg

Transformation Mother Board 2 Children After Successfully Lose Body Weight 56 ​​Kg

Jakarta, Not a few people taking momentum fasting bln. Ramadan is for all to lose weight. Originally done by fitting and not arbitrary, this sort of thing is fine because will not cause health problems. As conveyed by Dr. Dr. Samuel Oetoro, MS, SpGK of MRCCC Siloam Hospital Semanggi, especially if that is determining the right way. To lose weight, she put you to remember the number, schedule and type 'in the diet. The first number, if you want to lose weight should be less than necessary. Simply put, reduce the number of eating a quarter of the general number. It has less weight, said Dr. Samuel at detikHealth recent times. Read also: Do ​​Until Not Sahur Time Fasting, SebabnyaKedua This is the schedule. 

Dr. Samuel put your main meal three times a day and stay away from forgetting meals, though only once. Time special bln. Ramadan, so the number of lunch is divided into the number of sahur and iftar. Yes fasting time schedule revamped her eating alone. 

When generally eat morning, noon and night, so fasting lunch time split of 50% to 50% pre-dawn meal and to eat iftar, he explained. Most recently, look at the type of food. Dr. Samuel recommend you if want to lose weight to avoid fried foods. According to him, all types of oil when fried is going to be damaged, causing the risk of blood vessel blockage. Will add more help may be if every time you consume when eating vegetables and fruits. Read also: Not Recommended Berbuka with fried, How to stir? (Ajg / vit)

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